Peace Should Not Be Taken for Granted

Last week, perhaps the most traumatising video that I have watched on social media will be the Jordanian pilot being burnt to death by ISIS. This video conveys a lot of message to the world, not only a demonstration of power (of what it is capable of doing), but it is also an exposition of their hatred they have with the world. By having the pilot burnt alive, is like a form of revenge (an eye for an eye) for the multiple airstrike/bombing done on their ground. This perhaps explained why, they have chosen this way to terminate this pilot instead of their usual practise of beheading their past hostages.

The world is evolving, human inter-relationship is getting more and more complicated. With technology, the time needed to travel between 2 places is shorten yet the distance of our hearts are made to be further apart.

I am no expert of terrorism nor wise enough to rally a world peace. In my heart, I am grateful for the peace I am having, and definitely it serve as a strong reminder that the peace that we are having should never be taken for granted.

Although I am minor part of human race, I truly hope and pray for world peace. This world belongs to no one, and is to home all of us. I strongly feels that no matter how minute our strength or contribution are, we still should try our best to make this world a better place to live in. Most importantly, we should learn to embrace diversity and treat each other with more respect.