My Bali Trip 2014 Part 3 – Review on Spa Saloons series 1of2, W Hotels AWAY Spa

As you would probably have read in Part 1 of my Bali post, that IZE Seminyak hotel does not have an in-house spa saloon. But how can a trip to Bali be completed without a visit to a spa, right?  Therefore, Mrs SOL and I decided to look around for a good spa treatment through internet recommendations and actual ground survey. I would cover the spa saloons that we went to, and I shall provide you with my personal review for each of them.

Let’s start with the very much raved about – AWAY Spa by W Hotels.

AWAY Spa by W Hotels

This spa facility is situated in Bali’s W Retreat & Spa Resort in Seminyak. One of the reasons to visit Away Spa is that it opens for 24 hours, therefore allows you to leave the precious daytime for other activities. You can always visit this spa at wee hours and still get pamper by their much raved about treatment.

Away Spa

Away Spa – What’s your wish?

Away spa can provide you with the ultimate luxury experience. From their lavishly styled reception area, you will know the price for a spa treatment doesn’t come cheap.

Away Spa reception area

Away Spa reception area

Nevertheless, you can also expect the quality of their service is also up to the mark. Staff and therapists are incredibly attentive. Before they start, they will check with you on the strength that you preferred. About a minute into the session, they will check with you again to make sure the pressure just right for you to be comfortable.  This level of attention to detail and their professionalism are commendable.

You are encouraged to arrive early, not just for courtesy sake, but if you are half an hour early, you will be rewarded with the use of the cold pool, hot plunge pool, steam room and oxygen therapy station.

As it was 11pm, and after a long walked from IZE Seminyak to W resort,  Mrs SOL and I were so thirsty and wanted just to sip a drink instead. The receptionist then recommended us to visit their in-house chill bar, which served their own concoction of revitalising juices.

Chill Bar's Menu

Chill Bar’s Menu


As for the room, we were given a VIP suite for our Spa session. Their suites are designed with the W hotel’s touched that once you enter your room, you will be greeted by the glow of the light emanating from the messaging beds and along the sides of the white walls.

Below will be some pictures I have taken to illustrate just how exquisite the rooms are. Away Spa features a modern and sophisticated rather than traditional Balinese design. This gives patrons a luxurious and exceptionally “out of the world” feel.

1st segment - Foot Wash

1st segment – Foot washing area

Separate Bed for Body Scrub

2nd Segment – Body Scrubbing

The third segment is one I enjoyed the most. Coupled with smooth dim blue lights and soft music played in the background, it created a great ambience for us to fall asleep! The pressure of the massage was just right with what we requested and no pain was felt. Instead comfort is the only feeling we experienced.

After the 3 hours of rejuvenating massage and spa, we were awake by their soft touch feeling refresh and recharge. It was a truly one of a kind experience.

3rd segment - Full body massage followed by royal honey with coconut skin treatment

3rd segment – Full body massage followed by royal honey with coconut skin treatment

The finale of this package is a visit to the post production where you can help yourself to snacks and drinks. It is thoughtful of them to have such an area, as for a group of friends might sign up for different packages and thus, the treatment duration might be different. Therefore, instead of having to wait at the reception area, the post production provides you a spacious area for you to read papers/magazines while sipping the ‘refuel elixir’ and chewing on snacks.

Post Production Area

Post Production Area

Refuel Elixer

Refuel Elixer

AWAY Spa is indeed more expensive compared to other spa saloons elsewhere in Bali but is worth your money! Everyone who visited Bali should at least try the service at least once.  The AWAY spa experience is truly an unforgettable one!

Overall, I will rate AWAY Spa a perfect score of 5/5!  You can click here to view their extensive list of treatments offered.


Ambience: Sophisticated and Luxurious

Spa Dinning: Light Snacks and Drinks at Chill Bar

Ingredient used: 100% natural

Special facilities: 3 Single Treatment Rooms, Double Treatment Rooms, 2 Spa Suites, Beauty Room, Hair Salon, Oxygen Room

Spa opening hours: 24 hours


where do you go to hide AWAY?

What’s next? 

Although AWAY Spa is a heavenly experience, it comes with a hefty price tag. I understand that there will be spa-goers who do not fancy sophistication and design. Instead, they prefer a spa saloon that is of no frills that is reasonably priced.

No worries, for you, I have the second part of Spa Saloons review which I will share with you readers, 2 spa saloons that we visited that delivered just what it is needed and yet friendly to one’s wallet.

So do stay tuned.