In this category, you will find posts I made with regard to Life.

From time to time, we will need to have some bite sized motivation to spur us on. I hope the post below will not only give you the push you need but get you to think about life in general as well. As a result, we will able to grow to become a better person and achieving greater excellence in our life!

How to make impactful changes?

Steve Jobs Inspirational Lessons

Happiness Can Comes Free

What it Takes to be a Successful Engineer and Scientist?

The Need to Work Less for More

Buddha said “You are free person and a master of your own actions”

When Life is Pulling You Back

A Thought on Work-Life Balance

How to Build a Personal Branding? (Popular!)

5 Skills Sets In Winning With People

A Poor Man Asked the Buddha (Popular!)

Happy Chinese New Year!

My Views on Video ” Why I am not proud to be a Singaporean”

Seeking an Answer to Myself

Discover The Simplest Joy In Worst Situation

A New Year 2014

When Opportunity Strikes

3 Reasons That Stops You From Discovering Your Talent

Know Yourself Through The 2 Worlds

Expectation Vs Reality

You Are Your Own Echo

Be Wise in Where You Place Your Love

Purpose of Education

Turn Down the Noise Around You

A good read : A Gift to My Children by Jim Rogers

Life Lesson: Toothpicks and An Entangled Necklace

To Buy or To Make?

Happy Children’s Day!

Do you feel lost in life?

Education Over Emphasised

Be Careful On How You Post A Job Advert

Wealthy People Tend to Break the Law?

Be Wise In Where You Invest Your Time

My First Post!!

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