Hello Readers,

A warm welcome! 🙂

Spectra of Life is created with the intention to inspire you with stories about life and wealth accumulation. As we embark this journey together, we will explore on the ways to lead a more purposeful life. A purposeful life should be filled with colourful experiences like spending time with family, friends and your own hobbies.  While on the other hand,  able to have the financial power to support these experiences for the rest of your life.

As I believe that we only live once and we should not be over caught up with money and neglect the good things in life. The key idea here is “Balancing” – how to manage your life so to balance between earning and enjoying life which are both equally important! In this perspective, I have set the following targets for myself:

1. To live a purposeful life – hopefully with little regrets

2. To love my family and friends

3. To learn about investing

4. To attain $3000/mth of passive income.

5. To achieve financial freedom at the age of 42

6. To travel often

Through this blog, I will share with you thoughts on life and investing.  I would also share about my travel experiences as I felt that every trip to another country is always an opportunity window for you to understand yourself better.

Last but not least, I hope you will enjoy reading Spectra of Life. I would welcome any comment or story that you would like to share with the community. you could always drop me an email at spectraoflife@gmail.com.

Have fun living!!


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