How to make impactful changes?

How to make impactful changes to business and in your life? The advice given by futurologist, Magnus Lindkvist, is to make enemies and think of stupid ideas!

Okok chill, I know you might be wondering what is this guy trying to preach?

Why make enemies?

In Mr Lindkvist own words he explained,”You start making enemies when you create. A sign that you are doing something new is that people don’t like it. If they say ‘great job,’ it’s been done before.”

I guess what he meant is that we humans dislike changes- a real change, just like how we feel when we experience changes in existing policy by the authorities that affect us one way another. It seemed to mess up with our cognitive mind map weaved by our brain in order for us to make sense of this complex world, and yet a change is to mess up everything.

So yeah, you get the idea; a simple litmus test on whether your idea is boring or radical is simply to look at what reaction you get when you are sharing your ideas with them.

Why think stupid?

This idea shouldn’t be too radical as compare to asking you to make enemies. Just like what I had shared in my previous post on Steve Jobs and his inspirational lessons, to those who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.

The present’s success is built on ideas that were once thought to be stupid (crudely put it).

In Mr Lindkvist’s point of view, he classified change into 2 dimensions:

1. Horizontal Change

Horizontal change is when something proliferated into different places or market till the state of being ubiquitous. This is also the change that most companions preferred because it is easier to implement and its intrinsic properties of being linear, predictable and stable.

The drawback of such change is that it reduces diversification resulting an increase in competition, by having more companies going after the limited type of clients by offering the same products or services. Therefore, instead of competing on big ideas, they only focus on attributes or simply more gimmicks, like how mobile phones is being marketed.

2. Vertical Change

Vertical change is when something previously deemed to be ‘impossible’ becomes ‘I’m possible” or even a reality! This is like Disney magical moment comes true but in a practical sense.

Mr Lindkvist quoted Twitter as an example to illustrate this point. Long ago, people used to think the idea of reading other people’s thoughts are impossible or even considered to be black magic. However in modern days, do you realise all of us are reading each other mind by literally reading it off from our Twitter’s page?

The drawback although didn’t mention in the article, I believe is that you will have to be a crazy fellow to think of all the means to turn impossible be possible. Stubborn enough to believe whatever you are doing is meaningful.

I apologise for using descriptive words that have a negative connotation in them, but I just feel that it is a hard truth. I see no point in icing the process of inventing by calling yourself a visionary that is determined to succeed. Crazy and stubborn. That’s how I will like to put it.


No matter what  kind of change you intend to make try to make it to a more vertical one. Challenge the convention and see what are the results. No doubt when discussing change, people will always doubt themselves to make the change and also having the fear of failing.

In the process of inventing, do not be afraid to fail. By failing, it forces you to invent new ways or things to tackle the problem.

Last but not least, do not be too hung up by what’s the next big thing too, as you will only lose yourself to fashion rather than substance.


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