Happy Mother’s Day @ Uncle Leong Seafood (Jurong Branch)

Last Sunday was mother’s day, and being Singaporean whose favourite pastime is to eat, most of us will choose to dine with our family to commemorate how great our mum is and to shower our love for her.

Mrs SOL treated her family to a crab speciality Zhu Cao (煮炒 – usually refers to stalls found in hawker center or below residential flat, non restaurant based, serving a variety of seafood and cook food).

Uncle Leong has various outlets in Singapore, but we just chose the one that is located near us, in the western part of Singapore – Jurong East.



The Setting

Although I did mentioned Uncle Leong being Zhu Chao (煮炒), it is not the usual food stall in a coffee shop. The owner apparently owns the whole coffee shop worth of space, allowing it to have a spacious area to hold around 20-25 tables of guest. This includes 2 tables in the air-conditioned VIP room that you can booked to hold a function.

Are you able to believe this is originally the void deck below a HDB flat?

Are you able to believe this is originally the void deck below a HDB flat?

The owner did spent effort in designing this place to turn it into a crab eater paradise. In mandarin, we always describe a dish to be heavenly when it fulfil 色香味型俱全 (colour, fragrance, taste and style).  In this case, these attributes are demonstrated not only in  food they served, but also in the design concept of the shop is intended to turn on your appetite.   

Preserved Crab on Wall Display

Preserved Crab on Wall Display


Preserved Crabs on Shelf Display

The Food

We ordered a total of six dishes for this special occasion which cost $238 in the total bill.

Crispy bean curd (tofu) is my favourite dish. I am a great fan of bean curd and this dish just reinforced it. The outer skin is fried till crispy, while inner layer remained chewy.  It is a blend of fish cake kind of texture.  Serve with the sweet dip sauce accompanying with this dish, make the tofu sweet and tasty. Highly recommended!


脆皮豆腐 - Crispy Beancurd

三杯鸡, direct translation: three cups chicken, literally having 3 different ‘cups’ of seasoning added to the chicken. The three seasoning are rice wine, soy sauce and sesame oil with the proportion of 1:1:1.  Served in a hot pot, the chicken remains warm throughout so does the fragrance of this dish. 


三杯鸡 - Stir fried chicken with rice wine, sesame oil and soy sauce

Salted egg prawn is definitely one of another all time favourite of mine. Yum Yum~!  Highly recommended !


咸蛋虾球 - prawn fried with salted egg

Their mushrooms are huge and specially chosen. We are quite lucky to be able to have this dish as I get to know the mushroom were out of stocks couple of weeks ago.


三珍香菇 - Large Mushroom with Broccoli

Soup brewed with four treasures namely, abalone, sea cucumber, scallop and shark fins. The soup comes with a strong seafood taste. If you are a fan of seafood or any of the four treasures, this dish you might consider to order this dish. Is it not cheap though; a small bowl cost $28 dollar and is meant for one person’s serving.


上汤四宝 - Soup with Four Treasures

This dish needs no further commentary. Chilli crab, their speciality. Their crabs they served are gargantuan, one crab like the picture below is enough to serve five people, and mind you we requested for just ‘medium’ in size, there are still two size up (L and XL). The sauce is also perfect for mixing with rice or small buns. Highly recommended!

辣椒螃蟹 - Crab with Chilli Sauce

辣椒螃蟹 - Crab with Chilli Sauce


All of us ate to our fullest. But most importantly, Mrs SOL’s mum felt the love showered to her by her dearest family members.

Uncle Leong Seafood provides quality food for a reasonable price. Do pay a visit if you stay in the west or happen to drop by Jurong.


262 Jurong East Street 24, #01-485, Singapore 600262


(+65) 6897 2881

Opening Hours:

Mon – Fri: 11am – 11pm

Sat – Sun, eve of & PH: 4pm – 11pm

Happy Family

Happy Family

Cheers~ 🙂

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