A Visit to Wheeler’s Yard

Singapore being a metropolitan city, cafés such as Starbucks and The Coffee Beans are ubiquitous in shopping malls, even in the suburban residential areas. Therefore, in this highly saturated market, a newly opened café will have to be their own unique selling point in order to attract customers for a visit. Wheeler’s Yard is one of them.

The Café Exterior

Wheeler’s Yard, a bicycle workshop concept based café located in the northern part of Singapore, indeed worth your visit. What’s special about this place is that is situated in an industrial warehouse area and thus its building façade pretty much remain the same setting as not to break the harmony of the area.


Their ‘signboard’ has became a popular photo backdrop for visitors too

The back view of the café that faces the main road.

The workshop setting give the café a unique atmosphere that no other café can offer

The workshop setting give the café a unique atmosphere that no other café can offer

From far, you will not be able to identify it as a café in operation. Don’t be deceived by the rundown look, take a look at the interior and you will be amazed how much effort has the owner put in to get their concept into reality.

The Café Interior

I would like to break the interior of the café into three parts; the outdoor, the non air-conditioned and the air-conditioned.

For outdoor, it is a large unsheltered area that is big enough for a big group to gather and have BBQ, although I don’t think they provide BBQ services. I felt that this place has the potential to be booked by corporate for functions and events.

The unsheltered open area

The unsheltered open area showing HDB flats in the background, uniquely Singapore.

The non air-conditioned area holds the workshop area, where you can buy a new bicycle or to get some accessories for your bike.


The non air-conditioned area

Rows of bicycle for sale

Row of bicycle for sale

As for the air-conditioned area, it will be a nice spot to chill especially during a hot and humid day like the day when we visited this café. Besides, the air-conditioned area has exquisite design for you to admire on while slipping a cup of coffee.


Every corner will have something for you to look at.


Bicycle frames



Old Typewriter

The Food

It is a pity that we could not get to try on their main dish meals as the kitchen were in the midst of preparing the evening menu for mothers’ day (5pm onwards) and we do not have the intention to stay beyond 5.30pm. Nonetheless, they still served aroma rich coffee and sweet cakes that will melt in your mouth.

Drinks Menu

Drinks Menu

What we had ordered

What we had ordered- Latte, Iced Mocha and a piece of Chocolate Truffle

With special mention on this piece of delicious chocolate truffle that we really love it to bits. Its sweetness is just right and I like the way they make it so smooth that it melts in your mouth. The bottom crust layer is crunchy and tasty too!

We love this chocolate truffle!

We love this chocolate truffle!


Wheeler’s Yard indeed is a unique café that worth your visit, especially you need a place that provide an environment to allow you to generate fresh idea from work or leisure. It just amazed me how perfectly the owner has blended three different elements into one, a bicycle workshop and café housed in a warehouse.

Wheeler’s Yard can be reached by a five minutes’ drive from Toa Payoh MRT station to reach this café. If you don’t drive, you could either take a 20 minutes walked from Toa Payoh Central or take a short five minutes bus ride from Toa Payoh Bus Interchange, bus number 139.

That’s all for the review on Wheeler’s Yard.

Another happy weekend well spent!

Cheers~ 🙂

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