A Thought on Work-Life Balance

Liew Mun Leong

To me, work life balance is not easy. Since it is not a zero-sum game (quoting ex-CapitaLand CEO), then naturally it won’t be balance, ain’t so?

He is a believer of principled pragmatism where it defines ” is being practical yet not sacrificing your core values.” Our founding father used the same approach in making unpopular but appropriate decisions that has largely account for the success of what Singapore is having now.

So to keep it short, I would say, you have to hold equal values for both your job and the various perspective “life” that you have, be it personal, family or friends. It must make so much sense to you that it is almost practical to do so. This drives down to meaning and purpose of work – do you get to see them?

What’s on an employer mind is that perhaps as workers we demand work life balance, but perhaps what most worker yearn for is just a fruitful and equally challenged work, exactly how we fought to lead a meaningful personal life. Both aspect to be equally gleaming having achievements that we can be proud of.

I don’t know if you encounter this word before, instead of calling the desired state of work-life balance (where it doesn’t really exist in a capitalism society), we should have it named “Work-Life Harmony”.

The important notion that I trying to bring across is that to strike a harmony where neither one of them will disturb the status of the other. There will be time where work needs you more, vice-versa there will be time where your family/personal needs you more.

2 thoughts on “A Thought on Work-Life Balance

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