Germany: Berlin Part 4

Ok Readers, this will be the last post on my work trip to Berlin in year 2013 after a few series of coverage, Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.

Unlike the first three posts that covers on the shopping areas, this post will be showing you a few famous monuments in Berlin. So let’s start!


Brandenburg Tor

The iconic monument in Berlin will be the Brandenburg Tor. It is located in the western part of the city centre of Berlin at the junction of Unter den Linden. Passing through the gate, you will enter a garden which is well-known for its rows of linden trees. The Tor or gate has a significant to the cold war that divided Germany and separated it from the rest of Europe, as shown below:


Spot for Brandenburg Tor in the picture. Somewhere in the middle~

On the road you will able to spot a line of bricks that traced the original Berlin Wall.


Brick-like Tiles laid along the road


Artist’s work on wall remains


The original wall


The original wall part 2 – look how high it is!


Checkpoint Charlie – Cars and People used to pass through this border to get to the other side.

As you walk down the Brandenburg Tor, you will get to see the soviet soldiers memorial monument to commemorate the 80,000 soldiers who were sacrificed during the battle of Berlin in April 1945.


Soviet Soldiers Memorial Monument in Tiergarten

You walk further down you will get to the famous Germany’s parliament house also known as Reichnstag in german. It is famous for the reconstruction work done by Norman Foster after it had been badly damaged during the world war, especially on the glass dome that sits right on top of the building.



The parliament dome is opened for visitors and is free of charge. However, I would advice you to do a pre-booking through here 3 days prior to your visit. Oh ya, do remember to bring your passport along for personal identification purposes.


In the glass dome

That’s all folks! Many thanks all for those who follow through my Berlin Series. 🙂

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