Seeking an Answer to Myself

I guess what I’m afraid the most is here. It is not a bad thing though. It is just that I feel this is a good time that I am going to face myself and answer the very fundamental question on what is my real passion and purpose in life in order to excel forward. It is not that I do not have goals, but it is about going deeper into life. It Is about harnessing the inner strength that going to aid me to success. Success doesn’t have to be always monetary, it could be fulfilment or a sense of satisfaction.

I think I am really a fortunate young chap with good bosses both past and present, and through them I am given plenty of  opportunities. For friendship wise, I have a group of close friends who are enterprising and never fail to motivate me to strive harder and further. Romantically, my fiancé is always as supporting in whatever I chose to do. I am thankful for having all these great people around me! In order not to disappoint them, I will urged myself to work hard and do my very best.

加油 and stay positive!! 🙂

And I found the following cartoon illustration that brighten my day.


If you are currently feeling the same way as I am, I hope it cheer you up too~

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