Discover The Simplest Joy In Worst Situation

These few days, news have been reporting about US facing abnormally harsh winter which bring the mercury down to sub-zero level in many states. Indeed it gives the residents a lot of headache especially when schools are forced to close, trains service has to be suspended and many businesses urged their employees to stay home instead. It was also reported that more than a dozen people has died due to this record low cold (lowest -50 deg C with wind) that able to freeze flesh almost instantly. Indeed, the damage to the lives of people and the country’s economy is definitely beyond our imagination.

However, this morning i chanced upon an article published by The Straits Times that made my day. I find it gratifying that US citizen, despite the harsh living condition, still enjoy winter and their holiday season. The following activities are what they are doing for joy making (source – The Straits Times, Wednesday January 8):

1. ‘Fry an egg on ice

Crack an egg in a flying pan and placed on a bed of snow. Watch it go from runny to frigid in six minutes. Call it sunny side up minus the oil.

2. Use a banana as a hammer

Need to do some urgent home repairs but lack of tools? Take a banana, leave it out in the cold for an hour, and it will become hard enough to hammer nails into wood.

3. Make frozen bubbles – My personal favourite! 🙂

Blow bubbles into the air. Instead of popping on touching the ground, the bubbles solidify and roll around like marbles.

4. Balloon boom and bust

Blow up a balloon and tie it out in the cold. Watch it deflate – the colder it is, the faster it goes limp. Then resurrect your balloon by bringing back into the house.


Don’t you agree that the above activities sound fun! It just goes to show us that even at the most difficult times of our lives, it is still possible to create fun and laughter out of the situation. It is really up to us – our mind, to perceive the challenges with a positive mindset, so as to be able to stay brave and strong amid any unfavourable situation.

Personally, not to say I would like to be stuck in harsh winter, but if there is really one day that I were to trapped in similar situation, I would definitely like to give these activities a try, especially for my personal’s favourite.

Cheers! 🙂

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