A New Year 2014

First of all, I would like to express my wishes to you, my dear readers, a happy new year and may this new year be an even better year for you. Many thanks for your support given to Spectra of Life in the past year.  As 2013 had passed us, I can’t help but to reflect on what I had done in the past year.

Personal Accomplishments

1. Climbed Mount Kota Kinabalu 

For this I would like to thank my friend, Raymond Koh for organising and coordinating this event for us. It has been almost impossible that I might go for a mountain trekking without his utmost effort in planning for us.  This trip has made me understand that we as human are born to do the great things. I don’t totally refer it to myself, I have seen the greatest human strength when the porters carry up gas tanks, food and tons of tourist baggage up the mountain. Looking at them, really make me wonder what’s our limit as human?


2. Started Blogging

It has always been something that I wanted to start, but you know… procrastination… kills all. Hence I am glad that late last year,  I read a book written by Grace Tan,  “Blogging For a Living” that finally nudged me to put my intention into real action.  In her book, she provides lots of resources and encouragements on how to be a blogger, thus it does make the beginning step a lot more easier. Do read it if you are interested to join the blogging sphere too.

3. Travelled To Western Europe (Paris, Switzerland and Italy)

My girlfriend and I will try to plan for one long overseas trip for every year end (Dec). Vacation Trip not only helps to rejuvenate your soul but also open up one mind receptiveness to novel ideas and new people.  This trip to Paris, Switzerland and Italy was planned in June last year. The planning involves monetary budgeting. This is important because although there is nothing wrong with going on long holidays (I felt), it should not to the extent of burning a hole in your pocket. Proper financing has to be done in order to make this trip to be even sweeter. I share with you more about this trip with an exclusive cover coming up in the travel column. Right now please give me some time to arrange the massive amount of pictures taken from the trip k? 🙂

In overall, I am fully satisfied with the trip. Once again, we travelled with Boon Hwee and Cheryl, our travel buddies since year 2012 when we get to know each other through our Korea Trip that year.  We really enjoyed each other accompaniment along the trip. Really hope we will have many more trips in the coming years!


Relationship Accomplishment

During our western Europe tour Day 1- Paris, I did my marriage proposal! After 5 years of courtship, I felt that it is time to bring our relationship to a next level. It was really a memorable moment! Many thanks to Boon Hwee and Cheryl for their help in safe-keeping my proposal scrapbook and helping us to picture/video down the moment.


Financial Accomplishment

As for financial wise, saving target for marriage 2013 is achieved. Whereas personal expenses, except for an impulse purchase in Switzerland, is also under control.

As of 31 Dec 2013, My investment portfolio is mainly invested in REITs and a small portion of growth stocks.  Yes, I still believe that REITS is able to provide the necessary passive income that I aimed for. Hopefully 2014 will be a good year for me too! I will consolidate my portfolio and percentage in my investment column soon! Do stay tune!


2013 indeed was a good year for me. I really looking forward to a better year ahead. I will continue to strive hard in whatever I am doing in year 2014. Planning for wedding starts, conceptualize house renovation etc. This year definitely will be a more exciting year than 2013!

All the best to all you too! Once again may your new year be fulfilling and enriching as before! Cheers~ 🙂

4 thoughts on “A New Year 2014

    • Thanks 15HWW for your blessing and visit!

      Just started to learn more about investing and financial planning in the past year, this year will continue to work hard on my goals!
      Btw your blog is really informative for beginner like us.

      Thanks for sharing~! 🙂

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