When Opportunity Strikes


Sometimes opportunity strikes us when it is least noticed. It can really caught us by surprise. You will be feeling stranded, helpless, and do not know how to handle it. To make the matter worst, you might not be given long enough to contemplate between choices. Your reply is expected to be almost immediate that time is just too short for you to weigh the benefits against the cost to convince yourself.

Whether to accept or reject, it really depends on ourselves as no one should decide on your behalf anyway. But you can’t help but to feel confused and lost over this unexpected opportunity. You might be screaming out loud within yourself while hoping there is such an existence of a guide to your life for you to follow, but you know that having such a thought is totally futile.

Based on your heart and soul, listen to what they tell you. Close your eyes to mediate and stay away from all external noise. The decision to be made might be clearer than what you think.

One thought on “When Opportunity Strikes

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