3 Reasons That Stops You From Discovering Your Talent

I believe many of us are still seeking out for our aptitude and so be able to grow and develop this talent within us. It is like either you keep thinking about it, or you choose to temporary ignore it, but it will be back to haunt you another day. All of us will definitely questioned ourselves on the purpose of our lives  at some point through the journey of life.

For those who found their’s, a big congrats and well done! 🙂

For those who have not, have you ever wonder why is it so hard for us to discover our talent if it is already suppose to be in us since birth?

1. You have not expose yourself wide enough

The outcome of our life is much dependant on how we make certain choices and decisions in life. This also applies to the work we do.  For example your current job.

The work you are doing now might not be utilising your talent. You keep lamenting how dreadful you are in the work you are currently doing. Yet, you are either reluctant to change to a new environment or just simply too comfortable to be in your current state. As a result, you choose to be status-quo, nothing change.

So without trying other stuffs in life how can you ever find out what you really like to do in life? Is just like without trying to learn how to play a piano, how would you know that you actually do have a talent in music?

Hence, I urge my readers that instead of living your life in a misery why not be more receptive to changes. Nobody can limit your area of exposure except yourself. Have an attempt to learn new skills and you will discover much more about yourself.

2. The culture in your society that you are living in is inhibiting you

Imagine this, after studying hard for a couple of years and graduated with a first class honours degree in engineering, you decided to work as a drummer in a musical band.

How will your friends react? How will your parents react?

I bet they might think you are out of your mind!

But what if you really loves drumming and making music? Will you follow your own heart instead?  Or would you choose to fulfil what your society expect you to do? We could not denied that the environment and its culture do have a great impact on us and our choices in life. But ultimately, we are still the one to hold responsible to for our own decisions. As a grown up adult, we should be able to make sensible choice out of our situation.

3. Our education system is just too structured and biased

By saying so, I do not mean that education is useless that all students should quit schooling now. What I’m trying to drive at is that our education system is optimised to cater for a certain group of people with a kind of learning style – read and write learner. If you those types of students who is able to sit quietly, pay attention for just an hour of lesson and fully comprehend what the lecturer/teacher is teaching, then most likely you will be able to excel in the traditional education system.

In addition, our education system is structured in a way that it prepared our children to take on clerical role or jobs that we hold high regard of. For example, as an administrator, a doctor or a lawyer. Subjects such as language, science and mathematics are a package that you enrolled for in school. Other subjects such as music, technical skills and physical education has a lesser emphasis in the school curriculum and perhaps not even have its scores taken into consideration in a student overall report card.

Hence the problem is, what if you are a kinaesthetic learner and is unable to learn the way you are expected do so? What if you are only good subject such as arts or sports?

Most likely, you will be labelled as a low ability student and be placed in a class which identified to be of requiring teachers’ special attention. Because of this stigma being slapped at you since you were a young kid,  you will perhaps naively accept your fate and allowed the force of self-propency into play.

4. Conclusion

Whether the reason is because of your insufficient exposure, the education that you received or the environment that you lived in, you will have to be aware what is the dominanting reason that might deter your process of seeking your own talents. Then you will naturally find ways to circumvent the situation. It is not an easy task, but remember, you only live once and you are the only person responsible for your own life.

To lead a purposeful life or not, is really up to us to decide.

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