Know Yourself Through The 2 Worlds

Whenever you question on how do you know who you really are? What’s my passion? There will be multiple replies and suggestions answered back. Not convince? Try google “What is my passion?”

Sometimes I do wonder, have we complicated things too much that it makes any life challenges to be too daunting to overcome? For myself, I do believe the approach should be kept simple. To me, I would like to think of that there are basically 2 worlds that we need to explore in order to get a good idea on who we are.

1. The Outer World – Our Environment and Surrounding

In this world, I refer to the world that you are born into. The world that exists long before you were born. So why is it important to understand the outer world?

  • The culture that we are born into will influence the way we think. It might not be who we really are, but we must be aware of these external factors so to be able to have a control over them. Is up to you to allow such tradition to enter into you or not.
  • The operation of the society  will influence you on  how you deploy your talents. By knowing how this world function, you can start discovering yourself by perhaps a simple mix and match technique to see how do your own passion match with what the world needs.
  •  The Technology and Tools out there will aid you in achieving your goals. Knowing what’s out there will give you upper edge in resources planning in managing your time and talent deployment.

2. The Inner World – Our Soul, Thoughts and Feeling

This world only exist because your existence. It started when you were born as a baby and you started to embark a journey call life. Throughout this journey, you will feel happy and sad, encourage and disappointed and so on when trying on new things or mission. Knowing this world is important because

  •  You need a destination just like when you are driving or travelling. You need to be clear of your own destination as you are the only driver in your ‘vehicle of life’. Imagine how aimlessly you will be “driving” without any idea on where you wanted to go.
  • You need a clear direction when ‘driving’. You will have your own preference on which route to choose for your destination and how long and fast you wanted to go.  I would like to bring an example of taking a cab in Singapore. Usually when you board the cab, the cab driver will often ask your destination follow by your prefer way. Sometimes I do wonder, isn’t it reductant to ask for the route as usually the answer will be “the fastest and shortest way, please!” . However to think about it, different people will have their own “fastest and shortest route”. And the decision will be made by yourself and in the process facing any “traffic jams”, there is no one to blame except yourself.
  • You are unique and important that no one can really guide you on the way of living. There isn’t a guidebook written in which you can follow exactly step by step to reach success. Even all the self-improvement books written to me, I felt is more of for your own reference. Pay more attention to your own feeling and thoughts and you will realised a pretty much more stuff about yourself.

3. Conclusion

There is a chinese saying “知己知彼,百战百胜“ - In knowing both yourself and your opponent, you will win in every battle that you fight. In our context, it just refer to knowing yourself and the outer world, you will definitely have a satisfying life.

Lastly, a piece of advice: These 2 worlds exist at the same time, hence do not fully concentrate in trying to understand one and neglect the other. It should be a 2 way traffic and a simultaneous process – meaning doing both at the same time!

All the best in knowing the 2 worlds and have fun living! 🙂

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