Germany: Berlin Part 2

This is a continual post on my visit to Berlin. You can read about Part 1 here. This post I am going to share with you how I took the train to Berlin famous outlet store known as: Designer Outlet Berlin.

This place houses at about 100 brands selling at up to 30% discounted price. Some of the brands they carry are Boss Hugo, Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, Crocs and so on and so off. You can visit here to know more.

I have read that many people would prefer to drive there rather than commuting on the public transportation due to convenience. However, after I done my own research and a bit of asking, I realised the journey by train is not that daunting at all. This was how I started off my journey from Alexanderplatz Train station to Spandau on S5 line.

Alexanderplatz Train Platform

From Spandau, I will need to do a transfer to RE2 line to the following ODEG train towards my destination Elstal.


You will need to walk a short distance before able to take this train to Estal

Very Comfortable Seat - By the way this is 1st class cabin

Very Comfortable Seat – By the way this is 1st class cabin

By the way, I didn’t bought a first class cabin ticket nor I did know it actually do have such a categorisation! (Other U and S line do not have such separation) The moment i boarded this train, I instinctively make my way up to the upper deck. It was till a train attendant came over, checked my ticket and said that I went to the wrong cabin. I am so embarrassed that I quickly pick up my stuff and make my way down.

Elstal is just a 3 stations ride from Spandau. It is an open station with nothing in particular at sight at around it. No high rise building, no major roads, no landmark except for a overhead bridge for you to cross over to the other to board a bus to the outlet store.


Estal Station


Spot for the bridge, follow the board, turn left and take Bus 662 to the outlet. There is only 1 bus at the bus stop anyway. No excuse to get lost!

The bus ride is about 20-30 minutes to reach the outlet store. Is hard to miss as almost everyone on the bus is going to the same destination as you. Hence, you can just conveniently follow the crowd.

Welcome to Berlin Designer Outlet Store!!

The setting of this outlet store is like a small town. Very beautifully design.


The Store Map/directory

That’s all for this post on Berlin Designer Outlet Store. Do stay tuned for the next post where I will share with you on my general tour around Berlin City which includes Kawade and Outdoor Car Exhibits.

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