Germany: Berlin Part 1

6 months ago I was given an opportunity to visit Sweden and Berlin. These 2 places are very different in terms of culture, history and people yet I totally fall in love with them. Allow me to bring you through Berlin first then follow by Sweden travel experiences.

Berlin is the capital city of Germany and one of the 16 states of Germany. Berlin being Germany’s largest city it doesn’t feel packed or cramped with a population of about 3.3 million.

My colleague and I decided that our first trip is to visit the one of the shopping street of Berlin. Then we walked randomly to wherever the road take us. To our surprised, we found ourselves landed into some beautiful building and places in the city of Berlin.

Friedrichstrasse Station


From my hotel located in Alexanderplatz, take U2 to Stadmitte. Just look at the train network! Omg, so closely packed !


In berlin, the train stations are so closely intertwined together, that there are just so many train stations in one location! Really very convenient!


Even with their fantastic train system, Berlin still has a tram system to even facilitate commuters! People are also encouraged to cycle around. Cars are almost an unnecessary item living in such a city.


Museumsinsel aka Museum Island from far

Nice river surrounding the city


Sandwich Club


My medium-well done steak! yum yum!! It is really delicious!


A deserted old school with graffiti

Berlin is a city that has graffiti on building around the cities. These murals are so beautifully drawn that people don’t find it eyesore at all.


Concert Hall of Berlin


Side view of the concert hall


Street Performer at the open spaces of concert hall


Street performer 2

The street performers are not only professional in their performance, but also being gracious. They will allow the other to performed finish before they commence on theirs to avoid attention divergence, noise pollution and whatever you can think of. The important point is that they actually spare a thought for others. This is a much desired characteristic for us living in a city.


Concert Hall is a House With Soul

As the night creeped in, I decided to walk my way back to hotel with my colleague instead of taking the train. I always like to be on my feet whenever I am exploring a new country. Through walking, you will get to see and experience more of a country.


River at Sunset



Finally reached Alexanderplatz after a much enjoyable long walk back hotel


“Home Sweet Home”

That’s all for part 1~ Stay tuned for part 2 as I will share with you my way to the only designer outlet store in Berlin!

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