Wedding Dinner At CHIJMES

First I would like to wish all Indian friends a Happy Deepavali. On the day when Indians celebrates the festival of light, together with my girl friend’s family we celebrate the matrimony of her cousin with his wife. This wedding is kind of special to us as it was our first time attending a church wedding held at CHIJMES.


CHIJMES is a historic building having over 130 years in Singapore that once housed a Catholic convent school known as the Convent of the Holy Infant Jesus (CHIJ).  Today the complex is located at Victoria Street and it has been revamped for commercial purposes, such as shopping, dining and an entertainment centre. We felt that this is a perfect place for those who dream of having a church wedding. The located is conveniently located near City Hall MRT station.


The front entrance and the reception


The top portion and the front gate


The back of the church


Side Entrance


Interior Setting

There is something I don’t really understand about Chinese wedding. Why do guest always show up late? The invitation card clearly stated the dinner will be served at 7 sharp but it always turn out the first dish will only be out after 8pm. As a result of the delay, the whole dinner can last till about 11pm! Luckily, the thoughtful couple placed props for early guests like us to have their camwhoring session.


Girlfriend with her sister


Girlfriend and I

As expected, the dish came only after 10 past 8. We were already starving and can’t wait to devour anything that was placed on our table! We kept looking at the menu to see what’s in for dinner


A splendid menu for the night’s dinner


The five fortune – 五福临门


Deep fried prawns tossed with wasabi mayo – 芥末虾球


Combination of Bai Ling & Chinese Mushroom with Superior Oyster Sauce – 百灵菌北菇扒时蔬


Braised Shark’s Fin Broth with Diced Seafood & Bamboo Shoot – 红烧竹笋海味翅

Overall, we felt that the dishes served was presentable and portion was just right but taste wise a bit of saltish. Nonetheless, we did enjoy the dinner as it was a rare occasion to gather with other family and friends that we seldom meet up with.

As it was Deepavali yesterday, the couple’s second entrance of the night was flavoured with a tinge of lights. Light sticks were distributed to guests and were meant to be waved to the couple when they entered. Everyone was amazed by the innovative idea and get along with the celebrating mood.


Colourful Light Sticks Waved at Couple

2013-11-02 22.04.38

The Newly Wed Couple- Andy and Juvena

That’s about all for the wedding recount.

In conclusion, this wedding was indeed special one. Not only because it was the first time we attended a wedding hold in a church setting, but also the programmes that were planned to engage the guests for the night. I especially like the segment in which best man and best lady will go up to stage to say their speech to congratulate their best friends on their special night. I am sure many sweet memories will be flashing through their head while their friends narrate about their past.

So last but not least, congrats to Andy and Juvena, hope you have a blissful marriage~ and thanks for the invitation!

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