Turn Down the Noise Around You

Do you feel your world is getting ‘noisier’ each day that it started to make you lose focus and more severely – to cause you to lose yourself? I am urging you to turn down the noise around you!

What are the noises?

Being human, we seldom live in isolation. Everyday we will have interaction with our family, friends, colleagues and the society. Through these interactions we will receive instructions from our superiors on what are the tasks for the day, our authorities on how we should conduct ourself. Moreover, we played different roles in each day. Our assumed roles and responsibility as a friend, as a parent, children etc, kind of dictate on how should we lead our life. We want to live up to the expectation of others, getting accepted by our loved ones through their approve actions. All these are known as external voices. Sometimes these voice can be so ‘loud’ that it actually ‘cancel’ off your internal voice. We termed these loud voices as noises.

The Impact of Noise

Having exposure to much of this noise for a prolonged period, you will soon turn ‘deaf’ to your own internal voice. These internal voice are important as it is what you are made of, your true self and your own desires to life.  If you allow such noise to stay for good, you will lose yourself.

A good example to illustrate this point is trying to explain why there are people who are unhappy in their jobs but yet choose to stay on. One possible reason is that perhaps they need to live up to the expectation of others, they cannot be jobless, without an income to support a family. Other reason could be that even though you dislike what you are doing, your boss keep praising you for your good work done, and you internalised this voice and think that maybe you are suited to this job and hence stick on to it. But in your heart, you know you are not, your unhappiness tells you so.

The Remedies

Actually a simple one sentence solution is just “To spend quality time with yourself”. Being alone and put aside all your commitments an hour a day can free your mind create an opportunity window to think for yourself. To provide you with examples on how you can spend time with yourself, I will share with you on what I did to seek for my inner self:

1. To mediate

Each day, I will sit down in my room and mediate for 10 minutes. This short exercise is like purging my mind after a tired day of work. By freeing my mind from all thoughts, the only thing I will be doing, is to be focusing on my breathing. Start by taking a deep breathe, hold it and then slowly release the breath. Through couple of repetition, I gradually can feel my body relaxes and gets lighter. Next, I started to feel some true emotions and thoughts in me. Is like a natural melody coming into me and I just have to feel it. This flow of thoughts is very different from my deliberate thinking that I have to do for making decision at work. Simply put it, is to have your inner voice to think for you!

2. To do writing

Next, I will do my writing. Just pen down any thoughts that comes into my mind. It can ranges from life, my goals or what have I learnt for the day.  I do not have to worry about grammar or sentence structure, instead it is all about my own creativity.  Sometimes I will be amazed by my own random thoughts on what I actually can come out with.

3. To have a vision board

To have my own goals decorated on a board. This board will be filled with pictures of my vision. The reason on why I use pictures instead of a list is that pictures have a greater impact to help me in visualising my goals. These pictures can be easily obtain from the internet, or through some of the photos I have taken.


Turn down the noise and let your inner voice dominates a small portion of your day to help you to find your true self. By knowing your true self, you will discover your own passions, talents and desire way of living. Just by spending an hour each day on yourself, you will see dramatic improvement in your life. I have shared with you what I did during my own quality time, so what’s yours?

Is time to think for yourself.

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