An Encouragement Letter to Myself


Encouragement bring you a long way

Thanks Joy (, for the marvellous idea of writing your own encouragement letter. Sometimes we are just too hard on ourselves. Maybe is because of the culture of the society that we live in, we tend to compare with people who are more successful than us and therefore belittle ourselves in the process. We always doubt ourselves in achieving great things hence lead to procrastination and lots of dissatisfaction.

Therefore, I think is a good idea that we should stop be stingy and learn to praise ourselves more often. One of the rules of love is to “Learn to love ourselves and in turn you will be able to love others better.”  And my letter goes….

An Encouragement Letter to My Dearest Self

To Myself,

You are determined to achieve financial freedom by the age of 38. You have done a good job so far by learning about passive income generation through investment. The passive income you are aiming for is $3000 per month. Right now although you are only hitting 4% of your goal, please do not give up as you have been doing great for achieving that within a year.  

However, please do not forget your purpose of achieving such goal.  You want give your family a better life without having to worry about bread and butter. You also want to be able to spend quality time with them especially with your kids in their growing years. Hence, please do not forget your purpose and the true value of money. You need to remind yourself that money is only a tool for you to achieve your true happiness in life and not blindly working to accumulate wealth.  

In 3 years time, you will be getting married and setting up a family with your lovely girlfriend. Right now, you are saving hard for the big day. Good job! Continue to be prudent in your money management and you will be doing fine. For now, just focus on loving her, building up this great relationship with her. Do not lose your loving self. Be as encouraging as you embark the journey with her. A good pat on your back! All the best and do not give up! Fighting!


2 thoughts on “An Encouragement Letter to Myself

  1. Your letter is awesome! And keep saving. Money affords us opportunities to be more of who we already are. Sounds like you are on the right track!

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