Life Lesson: Toothpicks and An Entangled Necklace

Toothpick and an entangled necklace- what can you think a relationship with life lesson out of these? :p

Yesterday afternoon, while waiting having my lunch to be served, I was busying helping my girlfriend to get this fix which she had tried for a couple of days but to no avail:

Sometimes you just wonder how can it get itself tangled to this state? O.o

Initially our plan was to send it to a jewellery shop to seek professional help instead. But since there was time while waiting, I thought to myself, “Why not give it a try and get it fix myself.”

However, I think the action of twitching and turning seemed to attract quite a number of attention from our surrounding, especially it took me quite a long time (from waiting till we finished our main dish about 20 minutes) to just unentangle a small portion.

A kind waitress maybe could not stand the sight of me struggling anymore and approached us to suggest the use of a toothpick. Initially I thought, “Hmm.. okok, perhaps a toothpick will do a better job in pricking in between the holes instead of using my fingers.” However, after a couple of minutes, the necklace was still in bad form. Finally, she came over and did a demonstration and to our amazement, she did it within a couple of minutes, leaving a small part to let me try it out.

What an innovative use of toothpick!

What she did was simple:

1.Lay it down on the table, to get a better control and view

2.Look for the end of the entanglement

2.Use the toothpick to prick and loosen the mess.

3. Use your fingers, to push and slide the necklace out of the mess.

4. Repeat the following until it is all done!

While trying, I was sweating profusely (was an air-conditioned restaurant btw), as much concentration power was necessary! Yet she was able to did it without much effort!

So what can we learn from here??

1. To get an overview

When your life is in a messy state, laid it down for a moment and look at it from a broader perspective. You can’t simply focus on the problem trying to resolve any issue without knowing where you are standing now. By putting it down, can also serve as a temporary reprieve from the pain and to free up your mind before coming back to it again.

2. Approach it by small parts

Life struggles can sometimes seemed too much to take. But after gaining a broader perspective, you should able to identify and break down your problem into bits and pieces. It will then be much easier to ‘digest’ these bits and pieces, part by part.

3. Correct tools and advices

We acknowledge that life sometimes do hit us hard and could be beyond our current capability to resolve. However we must always remember that no man is an island. We must be willingly to seek and accept help from others. Someone out there ought to have been through what you are facing and will be able to give you the correct assistance or advice. Most importantly, we must have a humble heart and be open to all learning opportunities.

4. You will need effort 

Do not have the wrong impression that we can just breeze through all our problems we faced in life. It will require our constant effort and concentration to resolve any headwind throughout our journey in life. In this way, you will also feel you grow stronger and wiser as you overcome the challenges.

5. Life needs practice

Other than effort which mentioned above, you will  need practice! lots of them! As the adage said, “Practice Makes perfect!” Whenever we are feeling lousy, we tend to self doubt ourself. However we should avoid such self-detrimental thought by reminding ourself that we are not a loser. It is just that we are not used to the situation and we are not confident enough yet. However, we must behold the belief that through constant practise, we will be able to be good at it one day.

That’s all~ Hence dear readers, whenever you faced with a difficult situation, try to remind yourself of a toothpick. Perhaps you will be able to tackle the situation in  a much better grace! Good Luck!

ps: If you have anything else in mind, feel free to comment and share with other readers! 🙂

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