To Buy or To Make?

Interesting dialogue with my CEO (R&D organisation) today on the topic on how should we evaluate on when should we be buying and when should we be investing money and effort into research and development? He shared that in Singapore, our system is so used to buying and outsourcing that sometimes it makes it hard for researcher to convince the top for research funding. In fact, outsourcing is happening everywhere. We have companies outsourcing their HR, Marketing and Call Centres to third party. This make me wonder, do these outsourced firms know anything about your company products to serve your customers well?

To you, the answer could be simple. Technology present, just buy. Technology not around, then proceed with R&D. However, our situation can be a tricky when it concern with our national security. Besides, I have a sudden thought that if everyone resolve in buying technology, then will it marks the end of R&D sector in Singapore? Will Singapore have anymore home-grown products that every Singaporean will take pride in the label “Designed in Singapore?”

Dear readers, what’s your view then? feel free to share and comment.

As a researcher, I felt kind of discourage when I heard of such news. Personally, I would like to start exploring the science and understand the technology myself and to bring it to greater level. But on the other hand, I understand that the world is on steroid. Things change so fast that time waits for no man. Instead, we have to be constantly hitting target, meeting timeline and deliver mindless result. Just typing this statement, make me feel so dreadful.

This brings me back to the career junction where I faces my predicament . Is research my cup of tea?I truly hopes I can find something to inspire me further.

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