Do you feel lost in life?

Living in a highly intertwined world can sometimes confuse us and make us feel lost about our life? This insidious creature will attack when you are least prepared and causes you to lose control of yourself. Are you now asking these questions to yourself:

1. Why am I acting so emotional?

2. What do I want in my life?

3. What am I here for, what the purpose of my existence?

Then you are currently undergoing a stage of internal struggle.

My Own Story

I have questioning what is the right career for me? Working in a field of scientific research, I ask myself, do I want to stay in this career and build my future as a researcher? Or should I go out and venture to what other proclaim to be the fertile land of wealth – the banking and financial sector? Or should I at least go apply to work in a MNC so to work my way up to the corporate ladder?

As a young working adult the endless choices available is just so tempting. I think since I am still young with no family commitments yet, shouldn’t I go venture out to learn more and explore more?

However, my current job offers a good work-life balance, reasonable pay and ample chance of training and upgrading. Will I lost everything I have if I pick an alternative route? Will I have too much to lose to risk in this gamble?

I have yet to have a firm answer…

And so I have been googling around and found the following advices which I am learning and trying to apply:

1. Know what you want

They always started by saying, you must know what you really wanted and passionate about. Ask your own heart, what will you work for without even paid a single cent? In order words, what drives you internally to propel forward instead of having external factor to push you to move ahead. Everyone is born differently hence there is no one who can really gives you a definite answer on which field you should be working in. You are the only person who holds the answer.

My own thoughts: But without experiencing the various ‘options’, how do you know what’s really suitable for you? How are you so sure that whatever you choose based on your what your heart tells you is true and not just a moment of folly?

2. Keep a diary

If you are lost, encourage yourself to pen down your thoughts often (perhaps that why I started this blog! ๐Ÿ˜› ) and best still, what you did for the day. ย From what you have written, ask yourself, am i able to see myself more clearly? Are you happy with what you are doing daily? Through this process, it is believe that you will be able to know yourself better, and eventually you will answer your own doubts about your own life.

3. Stay Focus

Even you are lost, tell yourself to stay focus in whatever you are doing, simply living the moment. Do not procrastinate and give yourself any reason to stop and idle. Time to too precious to be wasted. Try to commit your 100% in whatever you are doing, so that you know at the end of the day if things do not turn out to be your favour, it is really not your inner self to do so.


I hope the above 3 pointers will serve me well in my own journey in seeking my way of living. I hope this article could give my reader a sense that we do feel lost at times, but you are not alone, at least you have me as we grow together to seek for our very own purpose in life.

As for now, let’s keep these pointers in mind and Live well, Stay Happy! ๐Ÿ™‚





3 thoughts on “Do you feel lost in life?

  1. I love this post because right now, I have no idea what I wanna do right now. If it was up to me, I’d love to be a musician but that industry according to my parents is not suited for me and I’m not talented enough. It should say enough by that because well they’re asian lol. How do you know you’re suited for the job and know you will be successful at it?

    • Hi riri0821,

      Yeah, being born to an Asian family, we tend to be conservative in our choices. As a result, we missed out a lot of good opportunities out there!
      To be honest with you, I don’t think I can provide the best answer to your questions.

      Same situation as you, my dad will always try to recommend the best career suited for me. And as a fully grown young adult now, I started to think if joining the scientific field is because of my parents’ influence or is my own choice. I am also seeking the answer for myself. I believe one day I will be able to answer to myself on what’s my life purpose and what is best suited for me.

      However riri, no matter what since I am in the field, I would give it my best shot while never stop in seeking other opportunities. This is because it is important to live in the moment. At least in the end, I have tried my best and will leave no regret if eventually I choose a different path in the future. So the important key idea here is “not to leave any regret”.

      Hence, I hope you will do the same too, give it your best shot no matter in what you have chosen! All the best! ๐Ÿ™‚


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