Setting The Investing Theme

This will be my first entry on sharing my thoughts on Investing. I kept contemplating on choosing a topic to begin with, as it pretty much need to give you, my dear reader,  a good setting on what kind of investor I am.

I felt that majority regard themselves as an investor by simply buying shares from a stock exchange. However that doesn’t qualify you for doing investing. Some ‘players’ could be just speculating the market or simply put – punting shares. There is a clear difference between trading and investing.

I am a strong advocator in investing especially the more commonly known term – value investing. Value investing to me is like a process of discovering unpolished gems waiting for the rightful owner to realise its value. It require some research and one’s common sense to make a proper judgement.

Yes! you never hear me wrongly. Investing should not involve intricate mathematics that requires  a PhD in Mathematics or Economics to make sense out of it. In fact it should be as simple as common sense, so that everyone can have a chance to be a successful investor. As what Warren Buffett said, if investing requires complex mathematics, he could be still be delivering newspaper.

I hope this article could at least let my fellow reader who is currently in his foray into investing a boost of confidence and assurance that with the correct mind set and appropriate amount of effort, we can all achieve our financial goals.

For now stay tuned to Spectra of Life – Investing section, as I will be regularly update some thoughts and methodology on how we can get started with unravelling the hidden gems in the market.

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