Are You Hungry For Success?

You want to successful! You want to earn big bucks!

But have you ask yourself this question before: how EAGER are you in achieving your goals? Apparently, there is a huge difference between one being WANT to be successful with NEED to be successful.

There is a story that a young man who seek for guidance from a guru on how he manage to reap multi-million of income every year, and wanted to be  just like him. The guru then brought him to a beach and ask him to walk into the water. Although the young man don’t really understand the rationale, he followed his instruction and walk deeper and deeper till the water was about his chest level. The guru then shouted to him, move on, don’t stop. That moment the young man starts to turn impatient and yelled back, ” What has this got to do with getting rich and successful?” Without answering his question, the guru hastily charged toward him and out of a sudden, with a forceful push, he submerged the young man head into the water, letting him gasping for air.

After about 30 seconds, he lifted the young man up and asked him, what was he thinking when he was in the water. The young man still in a state of shock and bewildered at what the guru had just did to him bellowed, “I thought of nothing but just needed to breathe to stay alive!” ” That is what how exactly I wanted you to experience.” The guru said. “To achieve success, you will have to convince yourself that you NEED it DESPERATELY. It should comes with your every breath and you cannot think of other insignificant things such as hanging out. No time shall be wasted and you must FOCUS on achieving what you are aiming for.”

So dear readers, are you really feeling you NEED or merely just want to be successful? Ask yourself are you putting enough effort and time? Just like what Thomas Edison had been through when inventing the light bulb. He is a good role model of what I called the CAN DO spirit!

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

-Thomas A. Edison

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