Be Careful On How You Post A Job Advert

I truely applaud our goverment to emphasise the notion to remove discrimination in seeking future employees. This came about when there is great displeasure exist in Singapore who felt that PMET (Professional, Managers, Engineers and Technical) jobs are being filled by foreigners who most of them expect a much lower salary than what we expect. In addition, there are also arguments on Singaporean being very choosy and tend to shun away from menial jobs which resulted employer has no choice but to request for more permits to allow them to engage foreigners,

Nonetheless, I still felt that any chance of employability bias should be avoided. But sadly, not all companies in the world practise equal employability for all job seekers. They will have tendency to have certain preference toward certain group of people with no justification by the job nature.

For example, you can’t be employing a person who can’t speak Chinese to be teaching Chinese language right? but you are being bias if you specify that only chinese can apply for the job. A guideline is of what is acceptable and what is not is as below:


img source: CNA

However, I think there is another aspect to employability, which is having yourself to stay competitive and having relevant skills sets that employers are looking for. I felt that there is so much a government can do to help us by ensure a fair system is set up for us to fight for ourself.

Maybe you might disagree with what I have said, hence feel free to drop in your comments. 🙂

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