Wealthy People Tend to Break the Law?

According to a research paper published by University of California, Berkeley, that rich people has a higher probability to break the law, including stealing and cheating!! Isn’t it interesting?

I know I know….To quench your curiosity, you can view the video presentation @ (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IuqGrz-Y_Lc#t=112/)

This actually reminded me on the few top civil officer being investigated for corrupted cases in Singapore. These cases actually shocked the citizen as we always regard ourselves having an effective system of governance in place. In fact, Singapore is being ranked as 5th for being the least corruption free country by Transparency International Organisation. (http://cpi.transparency.org/cpi2012/results/)

So I asked myself, what is motivation behind these top earners conceding to greed? Aren’t they suppose to be satisfied with their at least 150k and above annual salary and should be focusing on pursuing other important aspect of life such as happiness, health and relationship? This can be traced to the very fundamental question of asking “Do money make us happy?”

I guess the answer from me now is that “Having money is important – to have sufficient to build our nest, to plan for some major milestone in life such as getting married, having a baby and so on. However having more money than sufficient will only drives up unhappiness. For example, wealthy people tend to get paranoid on whether friends and family are after their family, they tend to realised that money can’t really buy them everything.

Maybe you have better answer please feel free to drop in the comment or drop me an email! Will be glad if you could share your ideas with the other Spectra of Life reader!

I will end this post by quoting what Myanmar’s opposition leader and Nobel Peace Prize laureate, Aung San Suu Kyi, described our Singapore’s education system in her recent visit:


img source: Ang Yong Guan’s facebook

Maybe we should really start to think beyond “producing” talented pools of people for the industry but also how could we nurture the future generation to be responsible, grateful and most importantly happy adults.

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